In the first page you have a family from some unknown country =) about to jump the infamous Frump border wall, but what happens when the Fed's arrive? Tune in next week for the surprise!

This is a comic ten years in the making. After 15 years of teaching music in schools like Yamaha Music Academy, I came to wonder why my junior and teen students kept dropping out after a year or so.

After 5 years of teaching I came to the conclusion that I was a terrible music teacher. I believe I was, so I started learning from others and reading books from great teachers like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn.

I wasn't that bad.

After mentioning to the other teachers of my dilemma, they would have the same conclusions. So, I guess I wasn't the only one.

I finally realized it was the boring music curriculum that was available. These boring piano and guitar methods books just made my students just wanna cry.

I had to come up with something innovative.

Over the years I built great relationships with my students. I knew what their likes and dislikes. My young junior and teen students always talked about: comics, cartoons, anime like, Pokemon and Naruto and the latest video games.

So I figured, if I can intertwine those interests with music than I probably have something unique.

So I came up with this comic called: "Illegal Aliens".

It's a story mixture of comedy, struggle, music of course and aliens with blasters.

Here's the story outline:

"It's the story of two immigrant siblings with undiscovered powers as they travel to another land seeking refuge, only to bump into unexpected Feds who are after the their secrets to interstellar space travel which are hidden in their rare musical instruments."

It's pretty rad!

I hope this will start a new revolution of how music or education in general should be taught. Humans are biological visual and emotional beings.

That's why we gravitate to stories, movies, superheroes, comics, cartoons and ninjas. We can relate to this medium because it employs relations and emotions to our being.

Textbooks and standardized tests do not. Education should interested and fun!

That's my rant. =)

Thanks my peeps and hope you enjoy.

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R.D. Aragon